Day 8 – What’s In Your Desk

Forgive the bullet points…

– a folder containing the last 3 years of agendas for staff meetings
– chopsticks left behind by colleague who had room last (can’t toss them)
– monopoly playing pieces minus the dog. Dog has been missing for months
– each and every single thank you card from my adult learners from the past 5 years
– a small rock from Australia
– a service bell, slightly broken
– an assortment of writing tools, chalk, Smartboard pens, overheard projector remote, business cards from supply teachers, elasticity,
– blank thank you cards for guest speakers
– aha! Those rubrics I had been looking for


About jenniferartan

ESL instructor in London. Level 2 Google Certified Educator. Blended Learning. Learning Management Systems. TESL Ontario Webinar Manager. Edutech Conference Junkie. Smartboards. Reluctant Techie.
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