Day 3


Today’s challenge:  Describe one observation area that you would like to improve on in your teacher evaluation.

Today is going to be a tough one.  If there is one thing that I know I can definitely improve on, it would be my timing.  I remember the feedback very clearly from when I had last been evaluated, and that was that my timing needed to be more focused.

Just accidentally deleted the remainder if my post and can’t undo for some reason.  What I was saying was, I often deviate from my lesson plan and lead the learners down a different path than the one I had originally chosen, based on class interest and discussion.  Not always a bad thing, and I have a pretty big toolbox now, so one divergent path can often lead back to my main point or theme, but just via a different route.  And this normally takes a lot more time when I do this.

Something I know I need to work on.


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ESL instructor in London. Level 2 Google Certified Educator. Blended Learning. Learning Management Systems. TESL Ontario Webinar Manager. Edutech Conference Junkie. Smartboards. Reluctant Techie.
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