30 Day Blog Challenge Task #2 – New Technology

Day 2:  What piece of technology would you like to try, and why?  What do you want your learners to get out of this tech? (more or less)

Didn’t have to think much about this one.  I have been wanting to investigate and fully use Microsoft OneNote. Sort of got my feet wet this summer with it, but it was a short course, and I want to fully explore it in the 12 week program (as opposed to the 4 week class).

I have made learning about OneNote my mission.  So much so that I volunteered to give a peer evaluation of it via web conference next spring.  Well, I’ve always said, if you want to really learn a thing, teach it.  Use it.

Why OneNote? Well, if you followed this blog, you’d know.  Okay, I’ve gotten over my sass for the day…  OneNote is more than a word processing document.  It’s an organizing system that allows learners to collect documents, voice recordings, screenshots, drawings, video, etc.  Learners can even access their OneNote via The Cloud.

Tech Goal #2: Figure out what The Cloud is.  Always kind of a mystery to me.  I’ve heard colleagues refer to saving a doc in The Cloud.  The metaphor of The Cloud is this entity that is above you, looming overhead, but is it white and fluffy, or dark, ominous, Wagnerian?  And can I trust The Cloud?  Who built The Cloud? 

So, to summarize, I am planning to explore OneNote and The Cloud with my group of adult learners.  I think that using OneNote will help the learners to organize material, and to keep track of learning in one space.  The same with The Cloud – if it is what I think it is, then it will be a useful hub that learners can plug into to save and retrieve documents and to collaborate with their peers.


About jenniferartan

ESL instructor in London. Level 2 Google Certified Educator. Blended Learning. Learning Management Systems. TESL Ontario Webinar Manager. Edutech Conference Junkie. Smartboards. Reluctant Techie.
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