Shelfari & Livebinders

Cool Visual

It is fairly basic to add a hyperlink, and kind of boring.  I’ve been trying to come up with a better way to show and share resources, both with learners and colleagues.  As I mentioned here before, I was trying to add Shelfari to this blog, but it appears as though it cannot be done on a free WordPress site.  WordPress does have a version of this, called “Goodreads”, which you can see on the right hand side of this blog.  My only problem with this is that it looks too commercial and some may automatically dismiss it.

Shelfari: Looks like this:  mybookshelf

As you can see – it looks much nicer.  You can put the html code in here as well, but you only get the list that you see to the left of the image.

If you want to see what I’ve said about the book, you hover your mouse over the book, and my review will appear.  If you click it, you will be taken to Amazon’s web page, where they will be waiting with open arms to show you how to buy it.

Live Binders

Keeping track of webpages can be tiresome but it is necessary.  I know this because I have recently been wracking my brains trying to figure out where I saw that “sign generator” website that I promised my colleague for our next conference.  Hmm… it’s coming back.  If you see a link to the right that says “sign generator” then you’ll know I’ve been successful.  (And there was great rejoicing…”

Anyhow – Delicious has been around as a social bookmarking site, introduced to me a few years back.  I go back and forth with it.

There is a better site called “livebinders”, brought to my attention in a Tutela discussion.  I use it now instead of an unseemly string of hyperlinks.  Here’s what one looks like:my livebinders

Forgive my unsightly cut and paste of the above screen shot.  Am using an older version of windows so the paint program doesn’t let you crop the screenshot as nicely as the newer versions.  You can’t read the tabs, but each is a different website or pdf link that is kept all in once place as a kind of virtual binder.  The livebinder icon is just below.  Give it a click to see what it looks like.  This one is on Tutela:


Having a Vision

I think that as Web 2.0 develops, more resources will be freely available to help you with expressing your web vision. I like text that’s broken up and interspersed with images.  Solid blocks of text put me to sleep.

That said, I know that as you learn to explore what’s out there, you can get carried away with moving text, embedded videos, and bedazzling the bejezzus out of your site.  Resist the urge to do this:


Although you can’t see it here, everything on his page moves, clangs, pops or does a little dance.


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