How Important Are the Tools…

Patience is a Virtue…

I know that waiting for something is not one of my strong suits.  Waiting for programs to load, waiting for a video to queue, waiting for a doc to be downloaded…  I am, at this moment, waiting for something from Hot Potatoes to load onto my work computer.  I have been waiting since lunch, which is now about an hour and a half ago.

Occasionally at work, things slooooowwww down to a crawl.  The computers aren’t all that old; it just seems that there are definite peak times when every credit student with a smart-phone is logged onto their student account doing highly useful educational things.  If I seem irked, how perceptive of you to notice.  The irksomeness stems partly from this bandwidth issue, and from the no-ESL-students allowed policy at my school.  Credit students can straddle our bandwidth and ride it all they like; ESL students are not given accounts.  We’ve asked.  They’ve said no.

Hey Hey, Got Some Action Finally…

Somewhere in the middle of the last paragraph, my Hot Potatoes install finally clicked on.  When I checked download status in Chrome, it said “estimated time – 1 day.”  Now, I know that isn’t true. Chrome tends to exaggerate the size of its fish, but come on – almost 1.5 hours?

Today seems to be particularly hard on our poor bandwidth.  YouTube videos struggle, and then give up about a third of the way through.  Stuff from the LIT2Teach site also takes excessive amounts of time.  I want to point, click, count to three, and then see the fruits of my labour.  Is that too much to ask?  Is it really necessary to have a book to read while pages load?

Lightning speed PCs with huge bandwidth… mmmm… I can see it now.


About jenniferartan

ESL instructor in London. Level 2 Google Certified Educator. Blended Learning. Learning Management Systems. TESL Ontario Webinar Manager. Edutech Conference Junkie. Smartboards. Reluctant Techie.
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