Hide (‘n’ seek??) or I Spy with my little Widgit

Round Two:  Hiding Content

Now, why would I want to do that?  Well, say you’ve got your course loaded up for the term, all topics or weeks laid out, ready to go.  Yes, it’s awesome to have learners so eager they dash ahead and complete readings and tasks, etc.  However, sometimes, you want to control what goes out to the group and when this info is released.

First, I have to say I like the “time release” function in D2L for news items.  V. useful.  Moodle may have this as an administrative function, but I haven’t seen it yet, as a non administrator.

(Time release lets you set up a series of instructions, or news items, that will only appear on a date you select.)

Hide It – D2L

Now, having done a search for how to do this on D2L, I thought that the solution was fairly straightforward.

Click on the little yellow pen that appears beside the content that you would like to hide, select “hide”.  So, the first problem was that I do not have a little yellow editing pen tool. Okay, there has to be a way, really…  There is.  You need to select the module you would like to hide, and then deselect “publish” and choose “draft” instead.  There is no time release feature for the modules; this exists for news items, and maybe some other features.  When an item is in “draft” mode, is is not visible to the learners.  When you want them to see it, just select “publish”. (see picture below of D2L)


Hide It – Moodle

Moodle does it like this:  make sure your editing is on.  See the content you want hidden?  See that there is a wide open eye for all currently visible content?  Click the eye.  You’ll notice that the eye closes, and the content to which it is attached is now greyed out.  Ta-dah! (Check out the Moodle pic; you can see how simple this procedure is.   Notice the greyed out topic with the closed eye… so easy, a trained chimp could do it. ) (Uh, my trained chimp is taking offense at that last remark, so disregard it.  You don’t want to get a chimp angry…).


Not to seem like I’m ragging on D2L, but why couldn’t they make these features a little more user-friendly?

Note: Yes, I see the little yellow pencils under bulk edit in the D2L pic, but these do not allow me to hide content at all; it allows you mass delete files.  Look above at the Moodle graphic; see how straightforward an action it is to hide something?  Yes, one can fairly easily select “draft” in D2L but one would have to know first that this is what one needs to do.  How would one know that a draft is not visible to all participants?


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