Got SCORM? Revisited.

Well, this will be short and sweet.  In the one corner, we have Open-Source Moodle; in the other, Proprietary D2L.  Even though D2L has the shiny new boxer shorts, Moodle is holding its own quite nicely in its functional, and well worn sweats.

Which one is going to win the battle of the SCORM?

The bell rings. Moodle is off like a flash.  Turn your editing on.  Add SCORM.  Upload file. Make a title. File is now in your “moodle file locker room.”  Select it.  Save and display.  Test it out – works.  No browser issues, all plugins working fine.   Moodle has D2L backed into a corner.

moodle scorm

Now let’s look at D2L.  In order to upload your SCORM, follow these steps:

Click course, click content, click manage files.  Wait – no “manage files”?  Okay, then you need to “edit course”; it’s on the top of your toolbar.  Now, import/export components.  Browse and select your SCORM.  Type a folder name.  Select “overwrite existing file”.  Not sure why, just do it. Now select “all components” to import, or you won’t get all the stuff you need to properly run your SCORM.  Got it?  Okay, catch your breath.  Select “next”.  Now, wait for it… go back to the folder you created.  Test your SCORM.  What?!  It won’t run?!

d2l scorm

Note: this is the same browser that runs the exact same SCORM activity on Moodle.  It works on Moodle.  D2L – adding SCORM is not very user friendly.

TKO – Moodle is the champ in the battle of the SCORM.

Note:  This was driving me nuts, so I made a call to D2L and had a nice long conversation with Rajesh.  There was something going on with the volume control at the D2L headquarters, because he was v. unclear, and when he adjusted the volume, I could clearly hear the advice being given by his rather loud female colleague in the background.  Anyhow, after a few questions back and forth, Rajesh figured it out.  It seems Firefox was blocking the SCORM content in D2L for some reason, but does not block the same SCORM content in Moodle.

Rajesh showed me how to allow the content – just click on the little shield symbol in the http bar at the top of the screen.  Now I’ll just have to relay that to the students and hope they remember that when they are at home trying to do a SCORM activity.

d2l scorm browser block


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