Am I Expecting Too Much?


It is Monday morning. Eagerly, I signed onto my homepage to check. Did *anyone* do the message board assignment? I must admit, I was hoping for at least half of the class to have added comments.

Of the 15 enrolled learners, only two posted comments on the message board. Two. I’m thinking over the assignment. Really, was it asking too much? Learners were to read an article on Chris Spence, answer some questions about the article, then comment on it.

Even if the Toronto Star article was too long and complicated for the learners, they still could have reacted to: “Plagiarism is a kind of intellectual theft. Agree or disagree.”

Learners also were required to answer an initial survey about their needs and submit it to me via email. Got about a 50% response on this. Gave a deadline of Friday afternoon.

Time Management

Classroom time is Tuesdays and Thursdays – totaling 5 hours a week. Learners have committed to taking on the responsibility for the remaining 20 hours at home, on their own. Blended learning has worked in other places, in ESL, so I’m stumped.

Not all is a loss, however. One of the learners, who struggles with basic computer skills, was one of the two who figured out how to comment in the message board AND when she had difficulties answering the survey, she came in to the classroom to consult with my colleague and I, and then worked quietly on one of our computers until it was complete. I’ll take that as a win…


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