Thoughts so far… Some registration confusion on Tuesday; only

Thoughts so far…

 Some registration confusion on Tuesday; only half of the learners were in class, and a couple showed up that weren’t registered at all. The result of this is that we will be delayed. We did not begin the orientation process because we wanted to make sure that the whole class was here.

 We will do this today. The other issue is that newly registered learners won’t have access yet. Our DELCs are quite busy; there are many other blended learning programs that started this week and they have been fielding huge numbers of calls, especially re:logins and passwords.

 We did have a back-up plan – the teacher website. It has many of the same tools and functions as the D2L platform. When learners return to class this morning, one of the first things that I will check will be whether or not they were able to figure out where to go, and if they were able to do the required work. This is what they needed to have completed:

  • 1. Read two Toronto Star articles on Chris Spence (Plagiarism) and answer questions.
  • 2. Answer short opinion poll on plagiarism.
  • 3. Write a journal entry on plagiarism AND what their goals are for this course.
  • 4. Complete a web navigation task called “If You Can Find It…” (learners were presented with 5 quotes; their task was to cut and paste the quotes into a search engine and find the original source, then write the next 5 words.)
  • 5. Introduce themselves on the teacher website forum.
  • 6. Two short online LINC activities re: memos.

Keep in mind, they have had two days to complete these tasks. The most time would have been spent on the Chris Spence newspaper article (vocabulary, grammar questions, then comprehension questions). Normally we wouldn’t give the learners that much reading to do, but I thought it was a very important point, and something that needs to be discussed on Day 1.

Homework Complete?

Just checked the message boards. Not a single student has made any comment either in the introductions or in the plagiarism forum. This definitely needs to be addressed in class.

Re: Learner Ability: We did a technological abilities survey in class, and the skills are varied. One quite high, several one-finger typists. Need to find a “how fast can you type” exercise for this morning’s warm up.


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